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10 Myths of Carpet Cleaning with Steam & Clean

Steam & Clean is on a mission to dispel the common misconceptions surrounding carpet cleaning. The condition and cleanliness of your carpet greatly depend on the care it receives. Here, we address some prevalent carpet cleaning myths and provide you with the facts.

Myth 1: Cleaning Makes Carpets Dirtier, Sooner

You might have heard this tale, but it’s not true. A professional and reputable carpet cleaning company, like Steam & Clean, ensures no residue is left behind on your carpet after cleaning. The use of high-quality cleaning solutions keeps your carpet free from attracting dirt.

Myth 2: The Threat of Mould and Mildew from Steam Cleaning

Contrary to popular belief, steam cleaning does not encourage mould and mildew formation. Should these appear, it’s likely due to improper cleaning or substandard equipment. We use cutting-edge technology, ensuring your carpet is perfectly clean and safe.

Myth 3: Cleaning Alters Carpet Aesthetics

An absolute myth. A trusted company like ours utilises gentle yet effective cleaning products that won’t harm your carpet’s aesthetics. Giving your carpet the care it deserves enhances its look, not ruins it.

Myth 4: Carpets Take Forever to Dry

Not true! With effective cleaning and advanced technology, your carpets should turn dry within a few hours, and certainly not longer than 24 hours.

Myth 5: Steam Cleaning Causes Carpets to Shrink

Incorrect again. A dependable carpet cleaning company will assess each carpet individually, applying the most suitable cleaning methods to avoid any damage or shrinkage.

Myth 6: New Carpets Don’t Need Professional Cleaning

Even new carpets can trap dirt and germs through regular use. Therefore, we recommend professional cleaning about six months after purchasing your new carpet.

Myth 7: Carpets Only Need Professional Cleaning When Stained

Even if a carpet isn’t visibly stained, it can still hold dirt. Regular deep cleaning by professionals eliminates visible as well as hidden particles, providing a healthier environment.

Myth 8: DIY Machine Cleaning is Easier

The equipment used by professional cleaning companies is far superior and much more effective than the machines available for hire. Remember, not all cleaning machines are created equal!

Myth 9: Price is the Ultimate Deciding Factor

Price should not be the sole criterion when choosing a carpet cleaning company. Look for positive reviews, testimonials, and industry awards to ensure the best service.

Myth 10: Commercially Bought Products Remove Stains Effectively

Store-bought products may not always work well on specific stains or carpet materials. It’s best to consult professionals for stain removal.

We hope this blog post has helped clear up some erroneous beliefs about carpet cleaning. When your carpets need a professional touch, don’t hesitate to contact Steam & Clean, the leading carpet cleaning business in North West England.

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