10 Tips on organising your kitchen

Your kitchen is the most used room in the house, I’m going to share with you my top 10 tips on organising and decluttering your kitchen. If you plan ahead it will get easier, trust me as I have OCD and love things in the right place.

1. Remove Clutter

Remove Clutter, you got to be ruthless create three piles, don’t use, sometimes use and always use.

You have to throw away, or give away items you no longer need, this also goes for ensuring your worktops are clear from cutter, ask yourself does it really need to be there?

All your every day items that you use daily or certainly weekly need to be within easy reach

And those items you use occasionally need to be stored away at the back of the cupboard or in the utility.

2. Use the space wisely

Your kitchen no doubt has been designed by a kitchen designer, but when you live and use the kitchen on a daily basis you quickly learn that you should have had that other cupboard fitted, but in most cases this is too late to add, so you need to really look carefully at your cupboards and plan what goes inside them.

3. Put smaller products together

For the likes of cereals if you can put them all together in a cupboard, the same goes for your pots and pans keep them together.

Also check your food cupboard and ensure all your food is within the use by date if not then get rid!

4. Clear the worktops

Remember to clear your worktops, and remove all those large items that you don’t use at least once a week, these could be blenders, toasters etc.

5. Hanging your pots and pans

Admittingly I don’t but maybe consider hanging your pots and pans from the ceiling, I’ve seen this in a few homes and it works really well.

6. Invest in storage

Storing everything in your cupboards is a great way to make your kitchen look good, however sometimes even after decluttering you still have problems with space, and if this is the case then maybe you might have to bite the bullet and invest in extra storage. The cheapest option is to visit the likes of Ikea and buy some stackable storage but if you can maybe contact your kitchen company and see if there is any way to add an additional cupboard.

7. Labeling

I just love labelling, gives me real satisfaction, and it just makes everything so much easier to find, trust me it really does. 

Keep canned goods away from boxes and spices. If your using a small container for all your spices or for other ingredients then labelling is a really good idea. 


8. Organising your pantry or Utility

If you have a pantry, understaffs cupboard or even a utility, make the space work really well for you I see this space often not used to its full capacity. 

Like I mention above about labelling and grouping things well this I still would continue in to either your pantry, or utility. I tent to store stuff that’s not necessarily every day use but weekly and monthly usage. 

Just remember to utilise all wall space where possible whether this is extra cupboards, shelves or even hooks they all will really help you.

9. Organising your Fridge

Designate certain shelves for certain produce, for example use your top shelf for drink and bottom shelf for leftovers.

Ensure you plan each week to go through your fridge and bin anything that is past its use by date. And get in to a habit of rotating food put the items at the back with a lower shelf life and older stuff at front.

10.Get your kitchen and oven professionally cleaned

Making sure you get your kitchen appliances cleaned is an important process and does wonders for your organisation. 

I specialise in cleaning ovens and carpets in your home and whilst I’m giving you some kitchen tips then I want you to remember I do single ovens, double ovens, range cookers and don’t forget I even clean your hob and extractors to remove all that grease and carbon that has built up inside your oven. 

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