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Boost Your Oven’s Energy Efficiency with Steam & Clean!

Are you tired of cringing every time you open your energy bill? Do you feel a pang of guilt with every preheat, knowing your carbon footprint just got a little bit bigger? Fear not! We’ve got some fantastic tips to help you transform your energy-guzzling oven into a model of efficiency. Not only will this save you money on your gas and electric bills, but it’ll also help you do your bit for the environment!
First things first, let’s talk about your oven’s temperature settings. We all have a tendency to crank the temperature up to the highest possible setting, thinking it’ll cook our food faster. However, this not only wastes energy, but it can also result in overcooked or burnt meals. Instead, try setting your oven to the recommended temperature stated in your recipe and trust that it will do its job perfectly. 
Next, let’s address the issue of preheating. While some recipes may call for a preheated oven, it’s not always necessary. If your recipe doesn’t explicitly state it, try skipping the preheat altogether. You’ll be surprised at how little difference it makes to the end result, but a huge difference to your energy consumption. 
Another tip to save energy in the kitchen is to make the most of your oven’s space. Instead of cooking one dish at a time, try to cook multiple dishes at once. This not only saves energy, but it also saves you time and effort. Just be sure to adjust the cooking times accordingly and avoid overcrowding the oven. 
When it comes to using your oven’s self-cleaning function, think twice before hitting that button. Not only does this use a significant amount of energy, but it also releases harmful chemicals into the air. Instead, opt for good old-fashioned elbow grease and use eco-friendly cleaning products. 
Finally, make sure to regularly maintain your oven to ensure it’s running at its most efficient. This includes cleaning the inside and outside of the oven, as well as checking the seals around the door to prevent heat from escaping. 
By following these simple tips, you can transform your oven from an energy-hogging monster to an energy-saving superhero. So go ahead, cook up a storm without worrying about the impact on your wallet or the environment. Your taste buds and Mother Earth will thank you.

The Power of a Clean Oven

First things first: a clean oven is an efficient oven. Just as a fresh oil change makes your car’s engine run smoother, a thorough scrub can make a world of difference to your oven’s energy efficiency.
Why? A sparkling clean oven reaches the desired temperature more rapidly and distributes heat more evenly. This means your culinary creations will cook faster, saving energy in the process.
Professional oven cleaning is the fastest and most effective way to achieve this. A professional will not only ensure a comprehensive deep clean, but also inspect your oven’s functionality. This way, you’re guaranteed an oven that’s running in top-notch condition!

A Few More Energy-Saving Hacks

  • Don’t be a pre-heat junkie: Preheating your oven for excessively long periods burns a lot of energy. Get your timing right, and you’ll save both energy and money!
  • Cook in batches: Got a big family or love meal prep? Try cooking multiple meals at once. Your oven will use the same amount of energy whether it’s cooking one dish or five!
  • Keep the door shut: Every time you open the oven door, heat escapes, forcing your oven to work harder and use more energy. Resist the temptation to peek!
  • Use the fan assist: If your oven has a fan assist option, use it! It helps circulate heat more efficiently, so your food cooks faster.
  • Defrost before you roast: Thawing your food before you cook it means your oven won’t have to work as hard to get it up to temperature.


Ready to Maximize Your Oven’s Efficiency?

If you’ve had enough of sky-high energy bills and want to do your bit for the planet, why not give our tips a try? And remember, the first step towards a more energy-efficient oven is a thorough clean.
Eager to get started? Contact Steam & Clean today for a free quote on our professional oven cleaning services. You’ll be amazed at how much more efficient (and shiny!) your oven can be!

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