Carpet Cleaning

Whether you’re a homeowner or operate commercial properties around Cheshire, the Wirral and North Wales, you can depend on Steam & Clean for an in-depth carpet clean. While daily vacuuming can keep your carpets and upholstery looking presentable, over time, dust, dirt and bacteria can get clogged in their fibres and fabrics, making a professional annual clean well advised.

Cutting-edge cleaning

Steam & Clean uses the most modern means available for cleaning to ensure client satisfaction, from the eco-friendly, chemical-free products employed to the expert equipment involved that offers low-noise action. The innovative methods used involve 80 percent less water, offering rapid drying times of just 30 minutes to ensure rooms can be used quickly afterwards. These techniques are also kind to your carpets, ensuring no shrinking, stretching or splits ever occur.

How I work

Here at Steam & Clean, after surveying your floor coverings and upholstery, I can assess the optimum cleaning solution and method required to get the right results. Any soiling will then be loosened with a special spray solution that’s safe for people, pets and, of course, your carpet. With this initial stage complete, the carpet fibres will be individually worked to remove any deep dirt and unwanted microbes. After the main carpet area has been meticulously cleaned, the edges are then attended to with a specialist hand tool, ensuring every inch of carpeting is completely clean and sanitised.

Book your carpet cleaning

At Steam & Clean, I work closely alongside my clients, providing a service that works around their needs. Whether you require a weekend service when you’re at home or a slot out of business hours to avoid disruption, I’ll be happy to accommodate you.

For comprehensive steam cleaning of your carpets and upholstery by a trusted expert in your local area, get in touch today by visiting the Get A Free Quote page.

Before and after

The results speak for themselves – take a look at the gallery below to see the power of Steam & Clean’s carpet cleaning services.

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